Prices include MVA and include installation per 1m long. See table below to calculate how much material you need.



An economy solution for surface protection, Hexis Carprotect is a 100 micron PVC. Price includes complete installation per 1m.

500kr incl. MVA installed

chromatic PPF Film

The Chromatic Vinyl Film PPF Series is conformable and re-positionable and is perfect for partial or full wraps. 

– Brand: Chromatic Vinyl Films
– Type: PPF Series
– Width: 1.52 Meters (5 feet)
– Material: High-Flex Polymeric Self Adhesive Film
– Durability: Outdoor Durability 3-5 years, indoor 8-10 years
– Thickness: 190microns
– Feature: 3 Layer Film – Protective outer layer which can be removed after installation

562.50kr incl. MVA installed

hexis bodyfence

High performance, clear coated TPU film for paint protection of vehicles. Self healing feature, micro scratches dissapear when heat is applied on the surface. Hexis Bodyfence is easy to install, durable and resists stone chips. Resistant to contamination, non-yellowing. High gloss finish to be invisible even on brand new cars.

961.25kr incl. MVA installed

stek + nano coating

Very high gloss, top coated polyurethane film with self-healing and anti-yellowing features. coated with nano coating for additional protection.Its superior water resistance makes cleaning very easy.

1475kr incl. MVA installed

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