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PPS Lakkbeskyttelse

There are numerous reasons to seal the car paint with a paint protection film. But there are even more reasons to do this with a spray film.
Seamless: The liquid applied spray film adapts optimally to any body shape and thus allows a coating completely without cuts and edges.
Invisible: Thanks to the use of special clearcoats, the 'foiled' areas are absolutely indistinguishable from the non-foiled components. This protects the front of the vehicle virtually invisibly and preserves the clear reflections of the original paint.
Polished: Like a classic car paint, the protective film can be sanded and polished. This means that in case of damage or scratching no new coating is necessary and the film can be 'refreshed' and sealed at any time.
Adhesive-free: The transparent paint protection film adheres to the surface by adhesion; Compared to the classic rockfall protection film, there is no glue that could attack the car paint. The combination of flexible binders and highly scratch-resistant clearcoats make our spray film resistant like an original paint and protect against (almost) everything.

Everything to zero - by removing residue. Specially designed for high durability, our spray film has a very high adhesion to any surface. Despite the extremely high adhesive force, it can be removed without leaving any residue. Adhesive adhesion, unlike conventional film, no adhesive is used to attack the original paint.

Paint. Removable. Further developed.

These words describe PPS spray film best. A surface coating that holds without attacking the underlying paint. With the identical characteristics of an original finish – in combination with strong effects and the modern finishes in matt and high gloss. The high performance of our spray film is provided by restructured high-performance coatings from various industries. Applied in the innovative multi-layer technology, these materials form a smooth, colorful and resistant surface coating on your vehicle.

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